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Rugby Golf is the latest sport in the Golf Course revolution that has seen the rise of Foot Golf courses all over the UK.

Foot Golf which is a hybrid of football and golf only came to the UK in 2013,  there are more than 200 venues that offer the sport, and the vast majority of these were or still are golf clubs.

Golf participation in England has dropped dramatically in the last ten years with some stats pointing to a drop of nearly half a million people who previously played on a monhtly basis.

As golf courses react to the decreasing numbers of players and crucially drop in revenues they are fighting back with innovations that are bringing the younger generations back to the greens.

Rugby Golf is the combination of two great sports Rugby and Golf, played similar to Foot Golf you need to go round eighteen holes in the lowest score possible.

Unlike Foot Golf where you kick the ball only in rugby golf you are also able to use your hands as you kick and throw the ball around the course.

The distance between the tee and the hole changes from hole to hole and is likely to be adapted based on the full playing area. What’s for sure is that there’s a certain amount of precision and skill required on this one and the boys will be sure to have a great time.

Rugby Golf was almost invented before Foot Golf as a sport called GolfCross that was introduced in 1989 to New Zealand. It required players to use golf clubs to hit rugby-shaped balls into goals with suspended nets. The sport never expanded outside of New Zealand so we have had to wait to see this amazing sport take up roots in the UK.

Rugby Golf is a great event for Stag Weekends, Birthdays or Team Building events. It’s suitable for anyone aged 6+ and it’s a great way to get active with one of Europe’s fastest growing sports.

We offer Rugby Golf events in a number of locations around the UK get in touch on 01235 330133 or visit or Rugby Golf page to learn more.



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