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Thinking about planning a Stag Do abroad in 2023? Well, you have come to the right place. We will go over the most important steps when planning a Stag Do abroad. With over 52 locations on our site, Red Cactus Events are specialists when it comes to organizing a Stag Do abroad. If you have already got a destination in mind then get in touch with our team of experts here who can help with some great Stag activities to do abroad in 2023

The Budget

the budget

Make sure everyone you have invited knows what the budget is and how much they are likely to spend whilst you are away. It is important to set up a group chat beforehand to confirm how much everyone is okay spending as people have different financial situations. – this includes hotel, activities, flights, and accommodation.

The Deciding

the deciding

Have a chat with the Stag about where he might like to visit. The Stag may want to go as far away from their partner as possible or they may just want to go to a party island a bit closer to home. You can see more here about the top 10 Stag locations to go abroad.

Go with a date that most of the party can attend.

The Invites

the invites

Keep it a smaller number of guests, you won’t need to invite absolutely everyone. Just invite the stag’s best mates who can be sure to make his stag a night to remember. (That’s if the alcohol hasn’t blurred his memory.) A local night out can be arranged for bosses, work friends, uncles/cousins! Maybe something a bit more sophisticated for those blood relations that don’t want to see the Stag get too sloshed or cause the Stag to have to watch what they are drinking. 

The Accommodation 

The Accommodation

Have you thought about accommodation yet? As we’re talking about Abroad Stag Do’s, consider which location would be ideal for the whole group but most importantly the Stag. Bear in mind you’re planning this for your mate, not yourself. Make sure you give clear deadlines, usually way in advance to get the accommodation paid for. Or go that extra mile and ‘decorate’ the Stags room beforehand with some lovely props. (For example a blow-up doll and condoms) Or even give your stag the ultimate surprise when his hotel is across the road from where everyone else is staying!

The Booking

the booking

If you book early, you’re likely to get a better deal and some sort of discount for bigger groups. Specialist companies such as Red Cactus Events with over 10 years of experience, The Experience Specialists can take the hassle of planning a Stag do and can book packages and activities for you.

The Icebreakers

the icebreakers

You’ve probably read this and thought of cringing, but most of the guests won’t be known to each other, likelihood is you won’t know most of the stag party until you arrive at Wetherspoons in the Airport and start introducing yourselves after a few pre-flight beers.  Organizing an icebreaker is crucial to ensure you all get to know each other and avoid any awkward silences! You may want to get everyone matching T-shirts (like off Inbetweeners) or you may want to take part in drinking games or fancy dress. The choice is yours!

The Itineraries and Structure


Organize the dinners and activities in advance and try and send an itinerary out to everyone in the group. This should give some structure to the weekend. Also, watch your alcohol consumption as you want to make sure to get the Stag as drunk as possible to get those great pics! This could be used as future blackmail or if it’s that hilarious you could even make it their Facebook profile picture so they have one last surprise in the morning!

We hope our top tips help you to create the perfect stag weekend abroad. You all will want to have a good time and it’s your job to organize it and make it happen. Happy Stag Do!

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