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Recently, we’ve been looking at our range of Team Building / Corporate Events and thought it could use a little something extra. Therefore, we’ve added a new experience to our repertoire! Introducing…The Office Games!

What is The Office Games?

The Office Games is an Interactive Game Show based on the game shows we all know and love. If you love a bit of Saturday Night TV, why not bring it to life! Once arriving, compete head-to-head in teams in a range of exciting and competitive games as you race to become The Champions! This experience aims to bring teams together in a fun and exciting environment, with your office space transformed into The Office Games arena! At the end of the day, Team Building is all about having fun, and that’s exactly what this event brings!

What to expect

Walk into your venue and find it transformed into a Game Show arena! Once you have been greeted by your host, Mr Silver, you will be split into four different teams, ready to take on a variety of games based on real game shows. Upon arrival, you can expect to see a 100″ screen, retro lighting, PA system and wireless buzzer, transporting you to Game Show setting! You’ll then get to work competing in a number of games and challenges, all designed to test your logic and quick wit! After everyone has competed, teams will then go head-to-head in a quick fire round. Beware, as even if your team is in the lead, this quick fire grand finale is where everything can change!

How does The Office Games help with Team Building?

The Office Games is an interactive game show that aims to get teams working together in a range of challenges. These challenges are designed to get teams communicating with each other to find answers and working together to achieve a collective goal. With the added benefit of some competition (all in the name of fun!) what’s not to love?

Games may include:

“Big Word” & “Big Math”
Our Survey Says
Win it in a Minute
Speed Quiz
Think Fast
Crowd Scavenger Hunt
The Final Showdown

That sums up The Office Games! An interactive game show full of Team Building and fun competition! If you’d be interested in booking The Office Games for your next Team Bonding Experience, click here to learn more!