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Zombie Infection

Zombie Infection

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Zombie Infection offers something very unique to tap in to the deepest of fears. Join us and find out if you could survive. With the country descending in to mass panic and no end in sight, the infection continues to spread across the United Kingdom. The Zombie Infection began in August 2013; now in 2016, we need you more than ever. Join us in battle to beat the infection. You may be our only chance of survival. Zombie Infection Units will assist you and other survivors to take the fight head on.



Zombie Infection events will immerse you in an apocalyptic, theatrical event with a atmospheric and unique location as the backdrop. Along with your friends and team mates; you will be fighting through the zombie hordes on a series of objective based tasks in an effort to survive – sound easy? Think again. It is anything but.



  • Your Zombie Infection Experience Event will last approximately three hours
  • Only available on specific weekends throughout the year
  • We recommend clothing that you do not mind getting damaged, bloody or muddy
  • Footwear with ankle protection is a must
  • Due to the genuine fear that is involved in our events. Zombie Infection has a strict 18 and Over only policy
  • Anyone found to be or believed to be under the influence or alcohol, drugs or any other psychoactive substances will be removed immediately
  • Minimum group size of 10 players
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