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Virtually Killed Crime Scene Experience

Virtually Killed Crime Scene Experience

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In the Virtually Killed Crime Scene Experience you get to play detective as you investigate a virtual crime scene based on a real life case!


Designed by former Scotland Yard detectives, this is the closest you will get to solving a real life crime. You will enter a 3D crime scene and closely examine it by looking for clues and examining forensice evidence that you may find.

The event is a fully hosted event so there will be an Event Host who will brief you on the activity before inviting you to put your detective cap on! You will make use of real life CSI techniques such as analysing blood and DNA sample, looking at hair and fibre analysis, police statements and matching fingerprints. Working in teams it will be up to you to put all of your collected evidence together and solve the crime.


  • Fully Hosted Virtual Event
  • 3D Virtual Crime Scene
  • Evidence to examine
  • Fun CSI Quiz
  • Full Pre-event support and planning


£540 + VAT for up to 15 people. £18 + VAT per person thereafter


  • Participants will need a device with a good internet connection and video and audio capabilities to participate


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