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Multi Activity Adrenaline Day Oxford

Multi Activity Adrenaline Day Oxford

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Don’t just settle for one activity, why not combine some of our favourites with the Multi Activity Adrenaline Day! If you’re looking for some pumped up adrenaline activities then this is the one for you. Choose a package from the list below to create your own competitive event.

Let us know your chosen package when you enquire!

TARGET PRACTICE£65.00pp – Choose any two Target Activities

DRIVE AND AIM£80.00pp – Choose one Driving Activity and one Target Activity

DRIVE AND SHOOT£85.00pp – Choose one Driving Activity and one Shooting Activity

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE CHALLENGE£79.00pp – Includes Air Rifles, Axe Throwing, Crossbows and Archery

ADRENALINE JUNKIE£90.00pp – Choose two Driving Activities

See below a list of Target Activities, Driving Activities and Shooting Activities


Archery – Become a real life Robin Hood with some Archery target shooting. With up to 6 people shooting at the same time everyone will have the chance to get some practice in before launching into competitive mode.

Air Rifles – New for Oxford the Air Rifle Shooting is a truly unique experience. You can have two people shooting at the same time with practise and competition rounds and test yourself on accuracy and precision.

Crossbows – Similar to Archery but instead you will be using the latest Crossbow technology. Up to 4 people can shoot at the same time and there will be practice rounds and competion rounds between your group.

Axe Throwing – Get some of your anger out by launching Tomahawk axes at chunks of wood! With up to 6 people throwing at one time it’s the ultimate danger filled activity!

Paintballing – 250 paint balls, one person and one gun. That will be all you need to wreak havoc! Paintballing is easily the most popular choice when it comes to action packed activities so why not have a go? It’s the perfect stress buster!

Blind 4 x 4 Driving – Thinking your mates can never follow a simple plan, never listen to each other and always talk over each other? Blind 4×4 driving is exactly what it seems. Get behind the wheel of a 4×4, with a blindfold, while your friends try a bit of backseat driving, helping you navigate. Sounds fun right?


Clay Shooting – Clay Shooting is your chance to don your barbour jackets and wellington boots and get a taste of the country life. It’s the perfect activity for those groups looking to add a bit of sophistication to their event (or at least try to!)


Hover Crafts – Are you looking for that unique experience something that differs from the ordinary? Hovercrafts will definitely tick all of your boxes. Hovercrafts fly on a bed of air making them one of the most diverse vehicles in the leisure market. (Only available in Oxford).

Off Road Buggies – Off Road Buggy driving is perfect for those thrill seekers. If you’ve had a go at go-karting and want to step it up a level this is the activity for you. The off road buggies are designed to test your driving skill as well as your mental ability to keep calm at speed.

Quad Biking  – Quad Biking is the perfect adrenaline fueled activity for an active group. Expect tight corners to drift around, humps and bumps to maneuver and for the brave amongst you there are hills with seriously steep inclines.


  • Add a Driving Activity to any package for an additional £40.00pp
  • Add a Shooting Activity to any package for an additional £35.00pp
  • Add a Target Activity for £30.00pp


  • Safety Equipment
  • Professional Instructors


  • The majority of these events will be held outside so appropriate clothing is required
  • Minimum group size applies to each activity
  • Some activities may be subject to location
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