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Hovercrafts is an unmissable and unique experience that just isn’t available in many other places. Luckily, we have it right here in Oxford and you can make sure you don’t miss out!


Are you looking for that unique experience something that differs from the ordinary? Hovercrafts will definitely tick all of your boxes,. Situated in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside creating a fantastic backdrop, hovercrafting will definitely add something different to your day. Hovercrafts fly on a bed of air making them one of the most diverse vehicles in the leisure market.

The ability to go over land and water really makes them the ultimate experience. These machines have been adapted so that any novice can pick up the controls and take charge. These single seat vehicles have 600cc engines powering them round specially designed tracks built to test your ability in maneuvering these crafts. We have a purpose built hovercraft track that 2 hovers can fly around at any one time. The group will have 2 single-seat 600cc hovercrafts with a further 2 as potential spares if any mechanical issues occur.


  • Professional instructors
  • Safety equipment
  • 600cc Hovercrafts


  • One person per Hovercraft
  • No overtaking between vehicles
  • Outdoor clothing advised
  • Minimum age of 17
  • Duration: 1 hour per session
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