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Gladiators Challenge

Gladiators Challenge

Gladiators, are you ready for the Gladiators Challenge! If you’re old enough to remember the 90’s TV show, you’ll love this event featuring inflatable challenges to bring Team Building to a whole new level!


Test your team’s strength, grit and strategy with Gladiators Challenge! In this action-packed event inspired by the 90’s TV show, you will play a variety of inflatable games, reminisce on some nostalgia, and compete against your teammates for prizes! Split into teams and battle it out under the watchful eye of our referee. Our unique event will motivate and inspire your team while having fun and bonding. Join us for an unforgettable experience and take your team to victory!

Games Can Include:

Last Player Standing – Balance on platforms as you try and avoid being hit by a giant sweeping arm!

Gladiator Rock N Roll – A head to head jousting game. The first to know their opponent off of their wobbling table wins!

Dash & Grab – Jump into the pit and steal as many balls as possible, all whilst being attached to a bungee cord.

The Eliminator – The famous finale game! Race the opposition through an obstacle course designed to test your strength and stamina


  • Inflatable Game Equipment
  • Themed Referee Host
  • Branded Bandanas
  • Music and PA System
  • Winners Prizes
  • Event Coordinators


  • A large soft ground outdoor space or large indoor space (if indoors, please check your venue has a high height for the inflatable equipment)
  • We require 3-phase power which is not a standard socket power connection. If you’re not sure, we can arrange to bring a generator


  • This event is best suited to a minimum group size of 30 people and a maximum group size of 200 people
  • Duration is between 1.5 – 3 hours depending on group size
  • This event can be delivered on any soft ground or in a large indoor space
  • This event is quite physical so please keep this in mind when booking for your team
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