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The perfect Geordie day out! A unique, fun and totally bonkers event, with seven different hilarious games to tackle, you’ll be laughing from start to finish!


  • The Geordie Ale Run: Three of yas are up against each other on this race to leg it the furthest with your bottle of ale! There’s just one thing standing in ya way – you’ll have a bungee rope strapped around your waist! May the best radgie win!
  • Kebab Shop Duel: What would ya do if your mate nicked ya bait in the kebab shop? Knock their block off! Two participants come up against each other in this game and battle to be the first to knock the head off the other’s costume!
  • Geet Massive Sumo Marras: Grab ya pal with the biggest gains for this doubles sumo match! Climb into hilarious sumo suits and gan at each other until one team ends up on their back. It’s ganna get feisty!
  • On Ya Bike: Howay man, can ya not keep yasel up reet? This one involves one of the team on a bike peddling to power the sweeper full pelt at the rest of their mates. The winner’s the one who can dodge it the most times and be the last man standing!
  • Geordie Bumpers: Your team splits in two for this wacky race on huge inflatable tubes! This game’s al about speed and timing – whichever team of radgies bounces their way to the finish line first will claim the points!
  • Sling Ya Hook: You’ll get canny dizzy before having a gan at this one! Circle the stick and throw your hoop over the bottles worth the most points to be the winner – try not to hit the deck in the process!
  • P*ssed Up Pitch & Toss: We’ve got beer goggles to fuzz ya vision on this one, only you’ll be trying your hand at pitch and toss rather than on the hunt for worldies! We all know how hard it is to see straight after a few bevs…


  • All participants must be aged 16 years and over.
  • All prices based on minimum group sizes of 6.
  • Events last between 2 – 3 hours

From £45pp

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