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Escape Room

Escape Room

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You have 60 minutes to escape the Escape Room in Cardiff! Work against the clock with your team, cracking codes, and following the clues to freedom. Team work and clear minds are vital in order to escape!


Subject 11: Have you got what it takes to venture into the depth of the Upside Down? You and your friends must work together to try and help this sleepy American suburb catch whoever, or WHATever, has been stealing children in the dead of night! Your journey begins in a seemingly normal living room but it may end up taking you to the STRANGEST of places…

Atomic Agency: The year is 1961 and the cold war is on everybody’s mind. You’ve been sent to investigate what seems to be a normal looking office but all is not as it seems. You must find out what’s going on in order to escape!

Hostage Hostel: After a long road trip you and your friends are desperate to find somewhere to stay. You come across an old, creepy looking hostel and decide to enter but you’ve been taken hostage. What a mistake that was! You now find yourself locked in locked up. You have 60 minutes to escape.


  • Minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 participants per rom (we can host up to 40 participants across the 4 rooms)
  • All participants must be aged 9 years and over to attend
  • All participants under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please wear comfortable, flat footwear
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