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Eden Challenge

Eden Challenge

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If you’re looking for a Team Building Event with an environmental twist, look no further than Eden! Build communities and travel around the world in fun international challenges whilst learning all about the environment.

Upon arrival at base camp, teams will be tasked with building the ultimate sustainable community. In order to build your community, groups must travel around the world, competing in different challenges and tasks. However, you must choose your method of travel carefully, as each time you travel you incur damage to the environment! With a giant gauge to monitor emission, you can keep track of how well you’re doing! You’ll be safe in the green zone, however be careful, as soon as the gauge hits red, recover is the only option! Will you be able to develop your community, or will it all go to ruins? There’s only one way to find out!


  • Professional Presenter
  • All equipment included


  • This is a fully mobile event that can be brought to your office or venue
  • An indoor open space with access to power is required


  • A minimum group size of 24 people is required to book. Smaller groups can participate however, a minimum cost for 24 people would need to be covered.
  • Maximum group size of 500 participants
  • Event duration 2 hours (minimum)
  • Ideal team size is between 6-8 people
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