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Dinner in the Dark

Dinner in the Dark

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Everybody loves dinner, but dinner in the dark? This is a truly unique experience and definitely a must-do activity on any celebratory event in the German capital city of Berlin!

You’ll be led into the pitch-black restaurant by your visually impaired or blind waiter before sitting down and enjoying your meal in the darkness. You’ll have to pour your water, find your cutlery and eat your food all without actually seeing it… now that sounds like a challenge!

There will be no light, so keep your phones switched off to fully immerse yourself in this peculiar world. You’ll need to rely on your other senses to get the most out of this experience and trust us, you’ll be surprised how sharp your other senses become!


  • 4 Course meal with an aperitif
  • Menu includes beef, poultry, fish or vegan options


  • Minimum group size of 8 people, if group drops below 8 the price per person will increase
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