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Daily Spa

Daily Spa

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The Daily Spa is the perfect chance for you and your group to relax and release any stress. Treat yourselves and forget about your daily worries. Go on, you deserve it!


Are you dreaming of taking your time just for yourself and relaxing like a god or goddess? No matter whether you are a guy or a gal , just come with us and rest your head now in a style. Within our daily spa activity you’ll have three hours to spend as you personally wish. Would you like to heat yourself up in a Finnish sauna, take a traditional Turkish steam bath or swim in a refreshing pool? Not a problem at all, because there’s even more in this spa than you’ll await. Ladies, gentlemen, drinks are ready, so are you in?

  • Pool, Finnish sauna, steam bath
  • Public transfer to and from venue
  • English-speaking guide
  • Minimum group size of 6 people
  • 3 hours approx. duration
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