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Blind 4 x 4 Driving

Blind 4 x 4 Driving

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Blind 4×4 driving is exactly what it seems. Get behind the wheel of a 4×4, with a blindfold, while your friends try a bit of backseat driving, helping you navigate. Sounds fun right?

Looking to try something a little different? Thinking your mates can never follow a simple plan, never listen to each other and always talk over each other? Our blind driving activity in Bournemouth will look to put things right. Don’t panic, this is a time for nerves of steel as you place all your trust in your teammates who will be navigating you around our purpose built off road blind drive course.

Pop on the blindfold, after you’ve jumped in the 4×4; of course and have faith in your comrades as they shout directions from the back of the vehicle. Just think to yourself as your driving round that their bickering will only prove your point, remembering at the same time that they must have faith in your ability to listen and act under pressure. With the fail safe of having our instructor sat in the passenger seat to ensure that things don’t go horribly wrong, you know that you’ll be in safe hands, but there is no time to relax.

Everyone will have a go at tackling the course blind folded as well as trying to navigate a friend around it. Don’t forget, you’re against the clock though!


  • 4×4 vehicles
  • Safety instructors
  • Blindfolds and other safety equipment


  • Minimum group size of 6
  • Duration dependent on group size, can range from 2 hours to 4 hours
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