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Alcotraz Cocktail Experience

Alcotraz Cocktail Experience

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Welcome to the Alcotraz Cocktail Experience! Can you smuggle your own hooch past the prison warden without being caught? If you’re planning a Team Building event or Corporate day, the Alcotraz Cocktail Experience will be an immersive interactive experience which will leave you wanting more.


This is no ordinary experience. You and your group have been transferred to Alcotraz where the guards are crooked and the inmates are looking to get past the warden in whatever way they can. On arrival, you will be issued with an orange jumpsuit (there’s no special treatment in Alcotraz!) and thrown into your jail cell with your fellow inmates.

On the inside, look out for Clyde Cassidy who heads up a lucrative bootlegging operation and can help you smuggle in your liquor. Whether it’s Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila or Whiskey, you’ll want to make sure your liquor gets into the right hands to make your stay at Alcotraz more bearable!


  • Immersive Cocktail Experience
  • Approximately Four Cocktails / Mocktails
  • Orange Prison Jumpsuits
  • Cocktail Ingredients
  • Live Actors
  • Movie Like Prison Set

Experience Timings

Brighton and London

Monday – Thursday 12:00, 14:15, 16:40, 19:05

Fridays 12:00 or 14:15


Monday – Thursday 12:00, 14:15, 16:40, 19:05

Fridays 12:00 or 14:15

Liverpool and Manchester

Monday – Thursday 12:00, 14:15, 16:40, 19:05

Friday – Saturday 12:00, 14:15, 16:40, 19:05 , 21:30

Sunday 14:15 – 19:05


  • 2 Hour Exclusive Session Hire – If you don’t want to share your experience with others, you can book an Exclusive Experience for a minimum of 40 people and either smuggle in your own alcohol or have drinks provided.
  • 4 Hour Exclusive Hire – Have an exclusive experience for a minimum of 40 people with either drinks included or your own smuggled alcohol then enjoy the venue for two hours afterwards. Pizzas will be provided to soak up your cocktails!
  • Exclusive Venue Hire – Book the whole Alcotraz venue for your own party with a prison approved cocktail menu provided


  • Price is based on a minimum group size of 8 people.
  • Full payment must be made eight weeks prior to the event date as this is a ticketed event and no refunds will be available within this period.
  • The experience is only suitable for ages 18 and over and photo ID may be required.
  • The experience lasts approximately one hour and 45 minutes.
  • A maximum of six inmates can fit in one cell. For larger groups, you will be split across two cells.
  • You will need to bring your own alcohol as drinks are not sold on-site. It’s recommended to bring one x 70cl bottle of spirit per four people. You will not be able to bring in multiple bottles of alcohol, only the recommended amount for your group size (eg. two bottles for 8 people, three bottles for 8-12 people etc).
  • All spirit bottles must be brand new, unopened bottles so you cannot bring previously opened bottles.
  • For any non-drinkers, you do not have to smuggle in soft drinks, your bartenders will create delicious mocktails for you included within the price.
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